Baby, You Are My Religion:
The Sacred Culture of Lesbian Bars from Pre- to Post-Stonewall

Amidst a time when mere existence was an act of rebellion, the dimly lit corners of America’s juke joints and supper clubs offered more than just refuge. Before the resounding call of Stonewall, these spaces whispered tales of love, resistance, and unity. Baby, You Are My Religion isn’t just about bars; it’s about lifelines in an era where being oneself was the most courageous act.

Coming Soon: Screening in October 2023
Discover pre-Stonewall America’s havens of solace and camaraderie—from vibrant juke joints to soulful piano bars. Experience stories of resistance and vitality, featuring pioneers like Nancy Valverde, Ellen Ward, Barbara Kalish, and more. These aren’t mere tales from the past, but lively testimonials of heart, spirit, and perseverance.

Kimberly Esslinger: Director & Producer
A digital media artist and producer, Kimberly Esslinger brings depth and authenticity to every project. As both a writer and an activist, she crafts compelling narratives while remaining deeply committed to organizing and advocating for marginalized voices. Her profound connection to the 1970s lesbian bar culture enriches her work, grounding it in both personal experience and broader cultural contexts.

Marie Cartier: Author & Co-Producer
Beyond being an academic, Dr. Marie Cartier is an artist, theologian, and activist. Passionately championing stories that demand to be heard, her teachings seamlessly blend scholarly insight with tales from the trenches. Her influential book, “Baby, You Are My Religion,” explores spaces, identity, and spirituality while celebrating lesbian bar culture’s transformative power.