“Baby, You Are My Religion is written with passion and seeks to add a more spiritual dimension to the genre of cultural histories written about the place of lesbians in the gay bar scene. The accessible prose, supplemented with a sizable list of theoretical and theological definitions, in addition to the entertaining and provocative interviews, makes for an undemanding, yet fun, read.”

—Marcie Bianco, Lambda Literary Review

“Cartier’s book offers new wisdom and rejuvenation to those activist religious scholars searching for a religious history of LGBTQ inclusion only to find that one does not exist.”

—John Erickson, Claremont Journal of Religion

“This book provides a good slice of history, social interactions and limitations that were placed on gay women as they tried to live with their sexual identities. It is a good introductory book with an interesting overview of gay women’s lives and the gay bar scene… This book is a rich addition to the gay women’s literature as well as theological discourse.”

—Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Earlham School of Religion, USA

“In this history of LGBT oppression in America from the 1940s to the 1980s, Marie Cartier does much more than remind us that before the 1969 Stonewall riots, the gay bar was the only social space that allowed lesbians to be themselves. She makes a compelling case that it was also a space where theology was done.”

—Therese Bjoernaas, Journal of Religion and Theology

“Cartier honors the women whose lives she records and makes a valuable contribution to the study of American religion.”

“Cartier’s book merits attention from historians of LGBT America and theorists of religion, for the richness of its primary material and the probing questions it poses about the functions and forms of religion.”

—Jennifer Rycenga, The Journal of American Culture


Book Reviews

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  • Lambda Literary, February 2014, Marcie Bianco
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*Reviews forthcoming in: 

Feminist Theology, Grace Ji-Sun Kim
Journal of American Culture, Jennifer Rycenga
Impact Theology, Yvonne Zimmerman

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