After the publication of  Baby, You Are My Religion, we knew there were more stories to be told about the culture of lesbian bars, and voices that needed to be shared. So we set out on making this documentary more than ten years ago. Our journey has been typical of many independent storytellers–our project primarily funded out of pocket.

We’re on a mission to spotlight the pivotal role of lesbian bars in our history and culture, and we need your direct support. Your contributions will fund post-production and licensing, essential steps to share these stories with the world.

How You Can Help

Provide Financial Support

Every contribution, large or small, makes a significant impact. Your financial support will directly aid in the crucial stages of post-production and licensing, ensuring that our documentary meets the highest professional standards and reaches as many viewers as possible. Here’s how your donations will be utilized:

  • Post-Production: Funds will go toward editing, sound mixing, color correction, and other finishing touches that are essential to telling these stories in a compelling way.
  • Licensing: Securing the rights to archival footage, photographs, and music is vital for authenticity. Your donations help us cover these costs.

Spread the Word

Awareness is key to our project’s success. Even if you’re unable to contribute financially, you can make an immense difference by sharing our mission with others. Here’s how:

  • Social Media: Share our campaign on your social media platforms. The more people know about us, the greater our reach.
  • Word of Mouth: Talk about our project within your community. Personal recommendations can be incredibly powerful.
  • Engage with Our Content: Like, comment, and share our updates to help increase our visibility online.

Whether through financial contributions or by helping us amplify our message, your involvement is what will bring Baby, You Are My Religion to audiences everywhere. Join us in preserving the legacy of lesbian bar culture.


Contribute Today

Select your preferred donation amount from the dropdown menu below. Each level of support helps us unveil the rich, yet untold stories of lesbian bars. After choosing, click the PayPal button for a secure transaction. For continued impact, opt for a recurring donation—every contribution counts, no matter the size.

Thank you for your support. Your contribution brings Baby, You Are My Religion closer to reality. Together, we’re preserving a history we can be proud of. Cheers, everybody!